European Advanced Materials Congress 2021

ADHERE participated at the European Advanced Materials Congress 2021 that was held Aug 23-25, 2021 as hybride mode (physical and online).

A knowledge transfer exchange activity was held during the physical conference session in the topic “The future of today by advanced materials innovations and knowledge transfer”.

Today the hydrogen production is facilitated by new development of reducing iron ore material for steel manufacturing using hydrogen produced by renewable energy. The huge investment into this will push down the hydrogen production cost. The new approaches for hydrogen storage using additive manufacturing and semiconductor fuel cell conversion benefit from this push. Emerging technologies will have additional motivation when these dependencies are raised and understood. In Europe the Green Deal is growing strongly, and aspects such as regional development by smart specialisation are additional motivations for novel advanced materials technologies. These aspects are related to the knowledge transfer activity, which is not only in technology, but also regional and other broader contexts. The awareness of these today will be influencing the future prospects of advanced materials research and innovation for creating more utilisation and impact in the society.

ADHERE was presented in detail in poster session.